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Some people see glasses as an accessory. But for others, well, without them they can’t see anything at all. And that’s why we do Optometry differently. We start with a process that’s relaxed and professional. And we work with expert Optometrists who are passionate and genuine.

At Bailey Nelson our Optometrists use state of the art processes and equipment to deliver world-class eye care in stress-free consultation rooms. Each eye test is fully customised and usually lasts between 20-30 minutes. 

Our Optometrists carefully check how well you can see and carry out various other tests to identify if there are any issues with your eyes or vision. A customised prescription will then be determined, tailored specifically to your lifestyle and individual needs, in addition to thoroughly checking the health of your eyes.

Our Optometrists are more interested in making a difference for their patients. They will detect, diagnose and help treat eye focusing problems and eye conditions. They will give their professional advice about whether you truly need glasses, an update to your existing glasses or further treatment for an eye problem. Our recommendations and advice will leave you feeling confident about your eye health and choice for eyewear.

At Bailey Nelson we are passionate about eyes and believe everyone is entitled to healthy eyes and great vision. For this reason, we offer all of our patients one Free Eye Exam per year.  Please note that if you have an additional eye exam within the one year, additional eye exams will incur a fee of $30

We also offer a range of additional services such as OCT scans, OPTOS wide field retinal photography and contact lens consultations for an additional fee where these are requested by our patients or recommended by our Optometrists.

How much time do you spend scrolling, chatting, sharing and watching on a screen?

Light is healthy for our eyes. But the amount of blue light emitted by digital devices… Not so much. That’s why we offer Blue light Filter for an additional $60

Here’s what we can test for.

There are many eye health issues that we can test for so if you’re experiencing any symptoms (or even if you’re not), get in early while you can!

Hyperopia or long sightedness is where you can see things further away more clearly than things closer to you.

Myopia or short sightedness is where you can see things that are closer more clearly than things further away.

Vision loss is a very common symptom of most eye health issues like short or long sightedness.

Dry eyes are an eye condition that’s increasingly problematic in a screen-addicted age.

Astigmatism is where the eyeball isn’t a perfectly round shape which causes vision to be distorted.