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Occupational lenses

Shop 2 complete pairs of glasses with Relax or Office lenses from $749, or 1 pair from $439. T&Cs apply.

Experiencing eye strain? Stretching to read your phone? Our range of occupational lenses could help suit multiple lifestyle needs in one lens.

Relax lenses

Noticing more eye strain? Increased screen use is a work out for your eyes. Add relaxed lenses to your glasses to support the demands of modern life.

- Ideal if you use near vision for extended periods doing activities such as reading, texting or paperwork.

- Ideal if you are starting to need reading glasses.

- Ideal if your use of digital devices (smartphones, tablets) leave you suffering from symptoms of visual fatigue or digital eye strain.

2 pairs from $749 or 1 pair from $439.

Office lenses

Make your readers work harder. Add an office lens to get the best of both worlds, combining your intermediate and near vision needs. Ideal if you work off a desktop screen and don’t want to keep switching your glasses.

- Increase range of clear vision from reading distance to up to 2m away.

- Perfect first or second pair for anyone who wants near vision glasses for activities like drawing, jobs around the house or playing an instrument.

2 pairs from $749 or 1 pair from $439.

Terms & Conditions

Prices include frames and 1.5 Relax or Office lenses with scratch resistant and anti reflective coating. Price points will vary by frame. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Other lenses and lens add-ons will carry an additional charge. Both pairs redeemed as part of a 2 pair offer must be for the same customer and redeemed in one transaction with a valid prescription. Available in-store only.