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Progressive lenses

Complete pair of progressives starting from only $300

Woman wearing multifocal glasses

Why progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses (also known as multifocal lenses)are perfect if you need both distance and reading correction. Progressive lenses are an excellent option for anyone experiencing presbyopia (common age-related blurring of near vision).

Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses have a smooth transition between prescriptions and do not have visible lines or segments, ensuring clear vision at a wide variety of distances. Bailey Nelson's progressives are a digital freeform lens. These lenses are easy to use - even for first time wearers - and fast to become a part of your everyday life. Wearers enjoy sharp, wide, comfortable and safe vision that feels more natural.

Man wearing progressive lenses glasses

How do multifocals / progressive lenses work?

Progressive lenses provide sharp overall vision and seamlessly transition from distance correction on top to reading correction on the bottom. That means you can see your whole field of vision without switching between multiple pairs of glasses.

- Your distance prescription at the top of the lens means you can see further away for activities like driving or watching TV.

- The middle portion of the lens accommodates intermediate vision - think computer work or playing instruments.

- The lowest part of the lens transitions into your reading prescription for all close-up work, including reading, paperwork, and texting.

To accommodate all three prescriptions, the nature of a multifocal lens can slightly distort the vision in the edges - known as peripheral distortion, soft focus, or a “swimming” effect.

Everyday Multifocal

Everyday Progressive

2 pairs for $550

• Good all-round progressive lenses

• A good choice for first-time wearers

• Accurate and controlled vision

• Suitable for all-day activities

• Gives the wearers comfortable vision and ease of wear


• Acetate $300

• Steel $330

• Titanium $365

Or 2 pairs for $550
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Premium Multifocal

Premium Progressive

2 pairs for $650

• Great everyday lenses

• Clear and wide field of vision

• Reduced peripheral distortion, also called “swimming” effect

• Effortless viewing across the lens with reduced eye strain

• Stable vision, even while moving


• Acetate $415

• Steel $445

• Titanium $480

Or 2 pairs for $650
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Ultra Multifocal

Ultra Progressive

2 pairs for $950

• Personalised & tailored to the physiology of your eye

• Closest to natural vision

• Offers a wide field of vision with minimal soft focus

• Excellent clarity and our widest field of clear vision at distance, intermediate and near.

• Easiest to adapt to


• Acetate $595

• Steel $625

• Titanium $660

Or 2 pairs for $950
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All prices include 1.5 prescription optical lenses with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating at no extra cost.

Comfortable and confident in progressives

Some people can take a bit of time to get used to progressives, which is why we’re giving you an additional guarantee. If you can’t get on with them, bring them back within three months of the date of your purchase and you can exchange them or get a full refund.

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